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Installation Instructions

For Call Bliss to manage your callers, you must assign the ‘Bliss Exceptions’ group to Do Not Disturb, here’s how:
Go to your iPhone’s Settings. Then tap Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From > and select ‘Bliss Exceptions.’
DND Menu    Group select

Also, make sure Do Not Disturb is ON.  You can do this in the Settings and will see a crescent moon in the status bar after you have activated it.
DND Active Moon


What is Call Bliss?

A brief overview

Bliss-appIcon-comps@2x Call Bliss works with your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature to make deciding who can call you (and who can’t) easy and automatic.

When Do Not Disturb is on, notifications aresuppressed while the iPhone’s screen is locked. The only exceptions are a group of callers referred to as Do Not Disturb’s ‘exceptions list’; Call Bliss helps you manage allowed callers much more easily, even automatically.
Allow callers by adding them to Call Bliss’ Allowed list, or to Groups to activate multiple callers with a single tap. Save locations as Places and add callers to automatically allow them whenever you are there.

Why aren’t my calls being blocked?

This might help

Do Not Disturb suppresses notifications for unwanted calls, it doesn’t directly block them. Unwanted callers are sent to voicemail only when the iPhone’s screen is locked. If unwanted callers are still ringing your phone, review the following checklist or tap the ‘Activation Help’ button for detailed instructions on how to configure Do Not Disturb and Call Bliss properly.

  • Is Do Not Disturb on? Do Not Disturb is on if a small crescent moon is visible in your iPhones top status bar. If you enabled scheduling for Do Not Disturb, it will be turned off every day.
  • Is the ‘Bliss Exceptions’ group assigned as Do Not Disturb’s exceptions group? Go to your iPhone Settings, and verify that in Notifications-> Do Not Disturb-> ‘Allow Calls From’ is set to ‘Bliss Exceptions’.
  • Was your screen locked when the call occured? Calls are NOT suppressed while your iPhone is in use.
  • Was the caller in Call Bliss’ Allowed list? Tap the Remove button in the Allowed view to deactivate the caller. Or, if using Call Bliss in Excludelist mode, tap the Add button in the Excludelist view to suppress their calls.


How does Do Not Disturb work?

What it can and can’t do

Call Bliss uses your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb setting to enable you to manage your allowed callers. Keep the following things in mind when using Do Not Disturb so you know exactly what to expect while you’re using Call Bliss…

  • Notifications, for phone calls, texts, and emails, are suppressed while your iPhone’s screen is locked.
  • The only exception is Do Not Disturb’s ‘Exceptions List.’ Your iPhone will ring for callers on that list, but their texts and email notifications are still suppressed when the screen is locked.
  • Suppressed callers are still able to leave you voicemail.
  • Do Not Disturb will not suppress any notifications while you are actively using your iPhone or while its screen is unlocked.
  • When you activate your iPhone, it lists all missed calls, texts, and new voicemails.


Why did my Caller ID display ‘cb’?

Microsoft Exchange and Facebook contacts

Microsoft Exchange and Facebook contacts must use a ‘cb’ contact to work with Do not Disturb. This causes ‘cb’ to display with their name in the Caller ID when they call.

In Call Bliss, remote contacts are displayed with grey icons to indicate they will appear with ‘cb’ in the Caller ID.

You can turn off the ‘cb’ contact in the Options view by turning off ‘Allow Remote Contacts.’ If you deleted Call Bliss, but ‘cb’ still appears in the Caller ID, locate and delete the ‘cb’ contact in your iPhone’s Phonebook, and it will no longer display.


The Allowed List

The people whose calls you actually want to receive

The Allowed view displays callers and groups currently allowed to ring your phone. Here, you will find your Always Allowed list and any contacts or Groups activated by the current Place. Contacts and/or Groups activated by the current Place will be in the ‘Allowed in Current Place’ list and will display a green location arrow.

You can deactivate any caller or Group by tapping the Remove button and then unchecking callers and Groups whose calls you want sent to voicemail while your screen is locked.

While Excludelist Mode is active, the Allowed tab becomes the ‘Excludelist’ tab and displays only those callers who you want suppressed. You can add callers to this list by tapping the ‘Add Caller’ button.



Collections of people whose calls you want (or don’t want) to receive

groups-btmbar@2xGroups are useful for making it easy to allow or disallow calls from multiple people at the same time (e.g. Coworkers while you’re working on that big project or classmates while studying for an exam).

Active Groups display a checkmark in their checkbox. Tap a Group’s checkbox to activate or deactivate it. Groups attached to Places are automatically activated when you enter that Place so its callers will be able to reach you, and the Group’s checkmark will be green to indicate it was activated by the current Place.

Active Groups will also appear in the Allowed tab, and can be deactivated there by removing them from the Allowed list.

Tapping a Group’s title will open it’s Editor, allowing you to change it’s name and add or remove callers.
Active groups will be deactivated while a Mode is on, turning the Mode off will re-activate them.



Allowing Call Bliss to automatically manage allowed callers using your location

places-btmbar-active@2xPlaces are locations that automatically activate specific callers and Groups. Save Places for common locations (home, office, school, etc.), to have Call Bliss automatically update allowed callers when entering them.  You will see a  flashing green locational arrow location-arrow-green next to the currently active Place in the Places list. If you are not in a saved Place, the Everywhere Else Place’s icon will flash.

Everywhere Else is a special place that represents everywhere that isn’t a saved location. You can also add Allowed Callers and Groups to it, for example, for callers you want to allow while you are traveling or commuting.

Create a Place by using your current location, or by adding from a map. Tap the Place title to oepn it’s editor to change it’s Name or add Caller and Groups to it.  The editor also allows you to assign Suppress All Callers or Excludelist Mode to a Place, so the mode is active while in the Place. Place specific modes have no exceptions, with Suppress All Callers on, no callers can reach you, with Excludelist Mode on, all contacts except those in your Excludelist can reach you.

Activating a Mode manually using the Modes popup will cause all Place activated callers, Groups & Modes remain inactive until you turn the Mode off.

Places have an approximate radius of 300m, so whenever you are within 300m of the Place Call Bliss should recognize the current Place. Call Bliss uses Apple’s Significant Change API to get location updates without significantly impacting your iPhone’s battery life, so it typically recognizes new Places within seconds, but may take longer if in an area with weaker cell tower reception.


Suppress All Callers Mode

Sending all calls to voicemail

‘Suppress All Callers’ sends all callers to voicemail; it’s useful for those times when you simply don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, while working on important projects and deadlines for example. Whenever Suppress All Callers is active, Call Bliss’s title bars will be tinted Red as a reminder that no callers can reach you. Remember, since Call Bliss uses your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature, unwanted callers are only suppressed while your phone is locked, and can still leave voicemails if they choose.

Manually activating Suppress All Callers overrides the allowed list, active Groups, and settings for the current Place. You can edit Groups and Places while Suppress All Calls is turned on, but those changes won’t be applicable until Suppress All Calls is turned off.


Excludelist Mode

Sending specific callers to voicemail

Excludelist mode allows calls from all of your saved contacts, while suppressing unknown callers and any specific callers you exclude. Excludelist mode was designed for those who prefer to define callers to suppress (Do Not Disturb’s list of allowed callers is a ‘Whitelist’). When Excludelist mode is active, the Allowed Tab is renamed ‘Excludelist,’ and only callers added to it (and unknown callers) are suppressed. Since Excludelist mode is still using Do Not Disturb, excluded callers can still leave voicemails.

Manually activating Excludelist mode overrides the Allowed list, active Groups, and settings for the current Place. You can edit Groups and Places while Excludelist is turned on, but those changes won’t be applicable until Excludelist is turned off.


The Map View

Creating and viewing your saved Places

Map View displays your current location and saved Places on a map. While you can always create a new Place at your current location, the Map View allows you to create new Places from any location wherever and whenever you like.

  • Using the Map
    • Places can be added by tapping and holding in the desired location.
    • Scroll the map by dragging.
    • Zoom in by pinching, zoom out by stretching your fingers apart.


Place Notifications

Keeping you in the loop

Call Bliss can notify you whenever you enter new Places. This provides confirmation that Place assigned callers can reach you.

Conflict Notifications warn you when the current Place is unable to update the Allowed Callers list because of a manually activated Mode. A Mode is manually activated when you selected it from the Modes popup, and Places are unable to change the Allowed Callers list until you turn the mode off.

To activate Place Notifications, open the Settings view by tapping the Settings icon  icon-settings.


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